Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can your products reduce my costs?

A: Kriss Products can help you reduce costs in many areas: 
▪  Eliminating scale and deposits in a steam boiler can save over $37,000 per year for a 250 HP boiler.
▪  Eliminating scale, deposits, and organic film in a chiller condenser can save over $16,000 per year for a 500 ton chiller.
▪  Increasing the cycles of concentration in your boiler or cooling tower reduces the amount of water used and discharged to sewer.  Water and sewer costs can often be dramatically reduced as a result of our programs.
▪  Controlling corrosion in boilers and cooling towers extends equipment life and reduces capital costs associated with equipment failure.
▪  Our product costs are often significantly less expensive than competitor's products.  We are able to achieve this by blending concentrated products in Minneapolis and avoid shipping diluted finished products across the country. 

Q: Does Kriss Products offer program payment flexibility?

A: A key advantage of working with Kriss is our flexibility in designing your individualized water treatment program.  While that includes the specific chemicals and equipment required for your system, it also includes options in how you can pay for our services.  If you prefer to pay a flat fee covering your program on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis; we can put together an option to meet your needs.  If you would rather pay for product as you use it, we can do that too.  Talk to your Kriss representative about our various water treatment program options.  Kriss Products accepts multiple forms of payment as well, including VISA and Mastercard.

Q: Do I need to test my water on a regular basis?

A: It depends on your monitoring equipment and system.  On average, cooling towers should be tested at least three times per week and steam boilers should be tested on a daily basis.  Upgraded controllers can better control your system chemistry and may allow for less-frequent testing.  Discuss your testing requirements with your Kriss Products representative.  In many situations, installing a simple controller or water meter will enhance your control and reduce your testing.  If you are having difficulty controlling your system chemistry, a Kriss representative will investigate the problem and provide options to better control your system.

Q: Will Kriss Products take back my empty drums?

A: Yes.  Kriss Products will accept empty chemical containers for recycling.  The majority of our deliveries are made by Kriss Products personnel, so we will be familiar with your facility and delivery procedures.

Q: Does Kriss Products provide bulk delivery?

A: Kriss Products can provide drumless delivery for all of our products and we will deliver your product to on-site storage containers upon request.  Talk with your Kriss representative about dual-walled containment tanks for your facility to help you comply with the safety requirements of your company.

Q: What if I have Legionella bacteria in my cooling tower?

A: Legionella bacteria is an ongoing threat to cooling tower systems.  Kriss has a large selection of biocides to choose from when designing your chemical program and stays current with "best practices" regarding biological control.  Should testing show an existing problem or accelerated growth, Kriss has the procedures in place to take care of the situation quickly and effectively.

Q: Does Kriss Products sell glycol?

A: Yes.  We can provide you with Ethylene or Propylene Glycol Heat Transfer Fluids.  As with our other chemical products, Kriss representatives will test your glycol systems and make recommendations based on those results.  Our glycol products are available in drums, totes, and bulk delivery and may be purchased at full strength or pre-diluted according to your specifications.

Q: Can Kriss Products train my people?

A: Yes.  We will generate a custom training program and operations manual for your facility.  We will schedule a training session with your personnel to cover the specifics of the chemical program and show them how to operate controllers, pumps, and test kits.  Refresher training programs are also conducted as needed.  Training certificates are provided for all attendees.  Kriss Products does not charge for these training programs when included with our chemical program.

Q: How long do I have to wait for my orders?

A: Most chemical deliveries are made within 5 business days.  Rush orders normally ship next day, but emergency orders can be made within HOURS of placing the order.  Kriss Products maintains a fleet of delivery vehicles, so next day deliveries are very common even without "rush" status.

Q: How do I get a Safety Data Sheet for my product?

A: Just give us a call or e-mail your request.  We can fax, email or mail the required S.D.S. to you.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Kriss Products has been in business since 1980 manufacturing water treatment chemicals in Minneapolis.  Since then, we have grown and now service over 1,800 customers in the Central States Region. In fact, Kriss Products sales representatives have over 200 years of combined experience in the water treatment industry.

Q: What type of insurance coverage do you have?

A: Kriss Products has full coverage including General Liability, Auto Liability, and Worker's Compensation insurance.  Details of this coverage are available from our office.