​A​t Kriss Products, we have built a trusted reputation with our customers, successfully providing hands-on, personable service and reliable support as we work in partnership with your plant operating personnel. From the largest to the smallest user, our service programs are customized to the specific needs of each plant, ranging from monthly to weekly visits as required.   Trained to proactively look for potential problems, our field representatives will monitor the water quality and make recommendations as required based upon your specific operating conditions. In addition, our field representatives manage smaller territories than most of our competitors, guaranteeing they will take the time necessary to investigate potential problems and help you understand the impact of water quality issues.

The Solution to the Problem:

At Kriss Water Treatment Engineering, our aim is to solve your water treatment problems promptly and completely and to implement only effective and efficient water management programs that meet the requirements of our customers.

Your local Kriss Water Treatment Engineering representative is extensively trained to provide expert results.  Whether working with commercial or industrial heating/cooling systems, Kriss representatives are able to draw upon many years of water management experience to rapidly develop solutions to your problems.  In order to fully understand your equipment and water treatment requirements, we work in partnership with your plant operating personnel.  Initially, our service professionals will:

▪  Perform a detailed on-site analysis of water samples taken from your systems.
▪  Survey and inspect the operating condition of the heating and cooling equipment in your plant.
▪  Evaluate the current chemical feed and control equipment.
▪  ​Work with operating personnel to determine the effectiveness of the current maintenance program, areas of concern, and existing problems that may not be readily apparent.

It is through this detailed on-site analysis and survey that we are able to design the correct water management program for your system.  We will work with you to develop a preventative maintenance program that is specifically designed to maximize efficiency while reducing downtime and maintenance costs and minimizing both water and chemical use.

The Key is Service:

Once they have designed a chemical treatment program to meet the specific needs of your system, Kriss Water Treatment Engineering Representatives maintain your water management program through detailed monitoring and analysis. This service includes:

▪  The training of operating personnel in the safe handling, testing, and use of water treatment chemicals and equipment.
▪  Regular on-site chemical testing to check the program parameters as well as the operation of chemical feed and control equipment.
▪  Written recommendations after each visit to maintain and improve the effectiveness of the program.
▪  ​Laboratory backup to provide complete deposit, water and metallurgical testing when required.

It is this hands-on service and support that makes a Kriss water management program successful.  Built upon technologically advanced chemical formulations, backed by solid technical support and maintained by qualified water treatment professionals, our programs are designed to meet your water management problems today and to meet your needs as they develop in the years ahead.